Kromme Nieuwegracht

Title: Slow Down
Artist: Paul Baartmans

Water has always played an important part in Utrecht’s history. It curbed Roman imperialism, brought great riches to the city, and gave it character through its many canals. But long before this, even Kromme Nieuwegracht was nothing but a small stream, where people did their washing, and cows stopped to drink. Artist Paul Baartmans uses light and strategically placed mirrors, to bring to mind the constancy of this place, seemingly frozen in time.

Light plays an important part in the work of Paul Baartmans; he uses (moving) lights to surprise and astonish. At times using large-scale installations, he aims to transcend everyday reality, sharing the thrill of the (light) game with the audience.


Kromme Nieuwegracht 3
3512 HC Utrecht
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