About Trajectum Lumen - A Utrecht tale of light

It’s an age-old tale, tried and true. Even the Romans knew that Utrecht was unique. And so, around 50 A.D., they made their camp at the present location of Domplein. Ever since, this city in the heart of the Netherlands has always been full of activity. Trajectum Lumen pays homage to the rich history of Utrecht, with an eye-catching light art trail, which is free for all to enjoy 365 nights a year. 

Trajectum Lumen is an exploration after dark, which follows artistically lit locations throughout Utrecht’s historical city centre. When night falls, Trajectum Lumen leads from centrally located Vredenburg past a growing number of installations by (inter)nationally renowned light artists. Since its launch in the spring of 2010, an increasing amount of light artworks have emerged along the route. Together, they illuminate this city’s past and present in spectacular fashion. 

City walk Trajectum Lumen is visible 7 days a week from sunset until midnight.

The light art works are located in public space. Although the installations are maintained by the Municipality of Utrecht, it is possible that a work of art is defective on the evening of the walk.

Contact - with Trajectum Lumen

Tourist Information Centre (VVV Utrecht)
Phone: +31 (0) 236 0004

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